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Baracuda2015 (.abk , .bkt , .cgb , .ctg )

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Baracuda2015 (.abk , .bkt , .cgb , .ctg ) Empty Baracuda2015 (.abk , .bkt , .cgb , .ctg )

Messaggio Da suspiria Dom Apr 05, 2015 9:26 pm

Well balanced book for testing engines.

60 new well balanced 8-moves positions.

383 draw opening positions ( no advantage for any side more than 30 centipawns (+-0.30)) after move 8.

All opening positions from previous book re-analysed , some are excluded because of low wining percentage.

Don t need additional settings because there is no bad moves in this book,
but You can change the “Number of games” (“Variety of play”) scale to
change the percentage of openings.

Just load into Your favorite GUI ( Arena , Shredder , ChessGUI or Fritz ) and enjoy.


 Baracuda2015 (.abk , .bkt , .cgb , .ctg ) -


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